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Breathtaking Trail in South Lake Tahoe: Horse Tail Falls

South Lake Tahoe is a major attraction in Northern California. For good reason too, it has awe-inspiring views, beautiful forests, as well as some of the cleanest air and water around. Horsetail Falls is by far the best hiking trail In Tahoe I've come across! It has waterfalls, beautiful forests, mountain sides, and all the adventure you could want in an easy 7 mile total hike.

It is marked as a moderate hike and heavily trafficked (though even the weekend traffic did nothing to take away from the beauty)

All my life I've been blessed to have this beautiful location within easy reach of me for camping, hiking, and amazing weekend getaway. Even after growing up and experiencing the beauty of this town many times, it never gets old. The scenery there is a must see if you live in or are passing through Northern California.

One hike that tops the chart for one is Horse Tail Falls.

I highly recommend making this trip at least once in your life because it is one the most exciting and rewarding adventure hikes I've ever experienced. It's located in or around Strawberry CA, from highway 50 the trail head is just past the Strawberry lodge. There is parking provided by forest service so there is a 5$ parking fee but it is worth every penny. The hike takes you from the street of highway 50 into a bowl of magical terrain. One end of this bowl is the entrance of the trail and at the other end is a magnificent waterfall that is sure to take your breath away.

Along the way you must trek through beautiful forest, following alongside a fierce river falling through the canyon. There is never a shortage of beautiful terrain to look at. It ranges from forest to valley to mountainside. You will have to climb up rock and cross streams (you might get your feet wet!) It's made for those who love adventure travel! The water is crisp and clear snowmelt runoff from the Sierra Nevadas. In fact it was so clean and delicious we couldn't help but fill up our water bottles along the way. It's known by all locals of Tahoe that the area's tap water is some of the cleanest and safest to drink in the US straight from the sink! (Or in our case, the mountain side) 

(Pictured above is the ever lovely Krissi of StellaMondo on Etsy/Instagram)

I highly recommend this hike, it was the most diverse and peaceful hikes I have done in a very long time. Definitely my new favorite in the Tahoe area.

Horsetail falls, enter at the Twin Bridges trailhead by Strawberry, CA off the US route 50

It's a must visit, definitely add it to your next road trip or camping excursions.

I know I'll be back soon for more adventurous travels!

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