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Budget Travel Opportunity for College Students

Today I'll share with you one way college students can travel for cheap!

I think most college students feel that they cannot travel because college is so expensive. Many put themselves into debt in order to learn the tricks of the trade for their future career. I felt the same way in my second year of college. I would go on day trips to hike the near by areas and told myself that was enough to curb my wanderlust. But we all know that local attractions can only satisfy the need for so long.

Little did I know that there was a class every fall semester in the science department that would be my ticket to cheap travels. If my science teacher hadn't been the one who was running the class, I would never have known that most colleges offer such programs. The Science program at my community college offered 4 day classes that took place under the stars in the lava beds of Northern California!

It cost a total of 30$ for the bus and food while I was there. Of course there is a college fee for the 1 unit class, but I am lucky enough to utilize California's Bog Fee Waiver that waives the costs of my community college classes. For the cost, it vastly exceeded my expectations.

Story time:

The first day of the trip the entire class had to put out a massive wild fire in the peak of California's drought. No, this wasn't on the schedule but life doesn't always go to plan! What better way to tightly bond a group of 30 students than to put them in a life threatening scenario and overcome it together! (This is hopefully not typical in college field trips.) The days following were packed full of interesting facts and all day hikes over mountains and into the depths of caves that were create of lava flowing through the valley long ago. It was breath taking.

With being constantly on the move, it does make it difficult to capture the trip on footage with only my trusty monopod by my side. But I managed!

(The footage would be improved by the use of a Steadycam or a gimbal.)

To keep it short and sweet, I was moved by the passionate teachings of the professor who led us on this trip and inspired by the kindness shared by all of the other students. I cannot say enough how wonderful it was to connect with like-minded people and to share stories and food around the campfire at the end of a long, exhausting day of spelunking. I will always recommend college camping trips!

Because the footage was caught for means of practice and capturing memories, all by freehand, I have not shortened the video by much. I understand it does look random and boring to the passerby, but this video holds deep meaning to me. A kind of digital scrap booking you might call it. To expose these opportunities for future college students who yearn to travel, I don't mind showing my beginnings as a passionate nature-cinematographer.

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