• Laura Bakke

Post That Picture!!

You should always post the pictures you take or the videos you make or whatever it is you like to create because it could potentially be the stepping stone something great!

Dreaming Propels Us Foreward

For example, I created this video with my good friend Krisann (@featherm00n) for a contest to win Electric Forest Tickets I didn't really think much of the contest, I entered because it was a 30second video and I thought my friend and I could make something nice together. Mostly I just really wanted to practice and create videos more often. But we ended up winning! Now we almost don't know what to do with our new found abundance of tickets. The festival is over 2,000 miles away so I guess the real challenge is finding a way to get there! Remember, always always share the content you make even if you're not 100% proud of it! You never know who's going to love it.


Would you be interested in hearing how we save money as we travel across country on a budget?

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