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Little Bakke Media's Support Small Business Initiative is running entirely on donations. We are offering marketing material to small businesses entirely free of cost!

Our goal is to help small businesses bounce back from the economic downturn caused by Covid-19 shutdowns. We hope to gain support from the public to help stimulate the local economy!

We are volunteering our time here at Little Bakke Media to help out local businesses but there are still costs involved in making this project a reality. Your support through donations will allow us to continue helping more businesses.

Let's support the people in our community together!

*Donations are not currently tax-deductible.

We are actively looking for a Non-Profit Sponsor to allow future donations to be tax-deductible!

Helping Real Businesses

Now more than ever many small businesses can't afford marketing services. We offer our services free of cost to local businesses to help them generate more revenue!

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Creation of Marketing Materials

Our main goal is to provide marketing material to local businesses free of cost!

Your donations will allow us to continue helping our community.




We are currently searching for a Non-Profit sponsor to allow tax-deductible donations to our project. They will receive a percentage of all donations as well!


What are my donations going towards?