Little Bakke Media

Affordable marketing solutions for small businesses 


Here at Little Bakke Media, we are dedicated to protecting the environment, supporting small businesses, and creating affordable marketing material for anyone who's story needs to be told. We work hard to make the video creating process simple and fun for everyone involved so the vision can come together seamlessly. One of our passions here is the art of visual storytelling and creating videos that fit our client's every need. Video is the most commonly viewed form of media on the internet today, let us showcase what you are most passionate about and bring your message to everyone's screen! 

Here at Little Bakke Media, we specialize in Visual Storytelling and putting the focus on what you're most passionate about! whether you have a business, product, services, or just want to share your message with the world, we will help you reach your target audience with personalized marketing material

Check out what we have created in the past! We have 10 years of experience making commercial videos for small businesses, music videos, real-estate marketing material, documentary-style videos, and more!



Big Bear City, California

We actually began in Folsom, California!

Here at Little Bakke Media, we are very excited about our recent move to Big Bear City. We hope to meet as many people as possible and leave our mark on the surrounding businesses and hearts!